Welcome to Soapstones - naturally hand-crafted soaps, lotions and cleansers - made in small batches in a shop full of smiles just beyond everyday reach for many. Yet through this web site, we invite you, your family and your friends to reconnect with that experience wherever you are by making it easy to touch peace, in your own home, every day with Soapstones.

The SoapStones Blog

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    Meet the Crew: Juliana


    Juliana joined our team a year and a half ago and has made herself indispensable since, not only with her leadership skills and uplifting spirit in productio...

  • The Madness Continues with 50% off all red dot items in store!


    Soapstones had a great time with you on Midnight Madness in Huntsville. The staff got their party hats on and stayed up way past their bedtimes and were rewa...

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    Pride Picnic in Huntsville!


      Soapstones supports Pride in whatever forms it takes. Join Huntsville’s second annual Pride Picnic in River Mill Park. This weekend Soapstones is offeri...